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if you are looking for a disinfection & sanitization service in Dubai? then you are at the right place. We are one of the oldest pest control service providers in Dubai. With massive experience in dealing with the disinfectants & pesticides, we know how to free your residential & commercial spaces in Dubai for harmful bacteria & viruses.

Covid19 brought the world to the grinding halt & Dubai is no exception to it more emphasis needs to be laid on cleaning & deep cleansing is essential to maintain the highest levels of sanitation. 

It is imperative for owners to conduct a disinfection drive at these places with the help of a local pest control company in Dubai & limit the spreading of the viruses as public places can act as a nursery for transfer of harmful pathogens. From patients who are allergic to costly corporate machinery, our environmental-friendly disinfection & sanitization process in Dubai rescues all..

Virus knows no boundaries. A sneeze by a relative may be the cause but focusing on the source will be a waste, it is time for elimination before it spreads. We use steam machines to wipe out the harmful bacteria & viruses from mattress & furniture without harming the material.

The process starts with our cleaning experts surveying the area to be deep cleansed. The entire place is fogged with alcohol-free disinfectants. We take care of hard-to-access, peepholes, and miniature areas to ensure 100% disinfection. We believe every customer has individual needs so we provide customized services to meet all your needs. And we are always open to suggestions as your satisfaction is our prime goal.

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