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Your garden is a place of beauty and life. Whether you are growing tasty veggies or spectacular flowers, you want your garden to be as healthy and happy as possible so you and all those on your property can enjoy it. Unfortunately, insects have other ideas. Don’t get us wrong—there are a number of insects out there that are helpful to gardens (honey bees, ladybugs, and butterflies among them). Sadly, these insects are often outnumbered by insect and arthropod pest species that can be quite damaging to all types of gardens. 

Garden pests cause damage to cultivated plants and, sadly, there are a lot of them! Ranging from deer to moles and tiny mites, Suttons believe in using the right product for the right garden pest. Browse our garden pest control range of deterrents, biological controls, traps and more. To a certain extent, we should learn to live with a certain level of pest damage to our plants and crops, but no-one wants to find that a whole row of young plants has disappeared overnight due to slugs. For garden pest control, it’s a good idea to encourage natural predators such as beneficial insects, hedgehogs, frogs and toads but sometimes gardeners need a little extra help. Not all pest control methods are chemical: copper tape around the tops of containers works as an effective slug barrier and Micro mesh will fend off carrot flies.

Pests cause damage in different ways. A deer will simply eat whole plants, squirrels will strip bark, moles will tunnel through roots, and aphids and other insects will suck sap, mine leaves and generally destroy garden plants.Attractive but destructive pests such as deer and rabbits can be put off by spraying their favourite plants with Grazers. It won’t hurt them but the taste will not be to their liking.

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